Feb 25

Could gravitational waves or a black hole cause flooding on earth and effect time explaining how?

Could gravitational waves or a black hole cause flooding on earth and effect time explaining how Noah and others lived for 900+ years?

Feb 25

Solve the problem to me, because I can not stand it any longer!?

I have a problem! I typed the code from the card to the PlayStation Store on PS3, I turned on the game, I wanted to buy something and told to enter the code. I enter the same, and they say that is incorrect or invalid! Fast! Help!

Feb 25


What are the advantages and disadvantages of making VR googles?

Feb 19

Sir my question is that why we read electrical circuit analysis in software engineering??????

urgently tell me why we read it and how it help us in field.

Feb 19

Very sick ??? Please help?

Okay. I am 5’3 and 109 pounds. I suffer from an eating disorder, anorexia. i was clean from my ed for 2 years. In January i started again. I also have a no carb diet. I don’t eat breads, pasta, candy, even fruit. Two days ago I passed out at work, I was really sweaty but cold, my face was all white, Basically all of the symptoms. I didn’t think much of it, although people were saying I needed to eat because my blood sugar was probably low. I drank a small amount of oj but was anxious about the carbs. When I got home my mom told me to eat but I just said no that I was fine, I had eaten before (I hadn’t.).
Today I started to get the same faint feeling, and also a very very sharp, burning pain in the left side of my stomach, it hurt to even lift up my left leg, this lasted awhile till I went to the bathroom and tried to have a bowel movement, which I should add is very rare that I have, I haven’t in a couple of days so I took a laxative last night. This didn’t work. I was so nauseous I ended up throwing up water and a granola bar that I had this morning. I thought it was over until i puked more, 20 minutes later, I thought it was all over for sure, because the pain in my stomach had gone away. I went to take a nap for an hour, but I woke up with the pain again and feeling like I was about to have a bowel movement, I didn’t have a movement but I did throw up more.
I feel ok right now, I have some broth I’m drinking with a spoon, but I’m scared about it coming back or that there’s something wrong with me, physically. I know I have to get help with my eating disorder so please don’t tell me!!! I am starting therapy this coming week. I’m really freaked out because my mom is saying my body rejecting food because I don’t eat. I’m really scared….should I go to the hospital?

Feb 19

Looking for some weed or if anyone knows how to get high off of other stuff?

Hi I’m 16 and wanna know where I can get some weed. I live out in the country and I don’t go to public school I only know one guy who smokes weed but I don’t think he’ll let me smoke with him. So I was wondering if anyone could give me tips. I was thinking about getting high off of Tussin DM or cold medicine, my mom has a lot of pills and cough medicine. So do you think I should get high off of the Tussin DM? Otherwise my parents drink a lot and I could just get drunk if that’s like getting high. I just don’t like the tast of vadka

Feb 14

I feel lonely?

I’m only 15. I’m a guy. I really want you guys to understand how I’m feeling and tell me how I can change. The last few years, I’ve been always been shy and introverted. I’d call myself socially awkward sometimes. When I first moved to Canada I got bullied, this really destroyed my confidence. For 2 years I had no real friends and I would cry when I got home and skip alot of school. Now I’m in 10th grade, and I feel like a different person when I’m at school than when I’m at home. I sit in class and listen to music. I know some people but don’t talk to people. I feel like I’m always being judged. I like to talk to people sometimes but usually I just sit and do my work. I don’t know what to say to people. I don’t want to be fake and talk about things I don’t care about. I’m embarrassed of who I was in the past and hate being an outcast. Girls think I’m weird, guys don’t really consider me a friend. I’m not interesting at all at school. I have interests but I feel like I don’t know how to express myself. I feel like I can’t get out of this loop. It makes me sad to live like this. All I want is someone who really understands me. I really don’t like myself. Sometimes I question why I am even living

Feb 14

Stand-out baby girl names?

My friends baby is due in a month, she wants a name that stands-out but hasnt found one yet. Any suggestions?

Feb 14

Is it illegal for a teacher to be friends with an ex student?

For Halton In Canada Ontario

Feb 12

In a world full of politics, is election process fair and an accurate indication of what people wan?


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