Nov 26

Can anyone help me understand why I feel like I’m being watched even though I’m alone?

For the longest time

, I’ve felt like I’ve been being watched. I started really noticing it when I was maybe nine or ten. With that being said, I’m currently 15.

When I’m alone, I usually feel like someone is behind me, staring at me to ensure they catch everything I do. I’m terrified to go outside

at night all alone to take out the trash or let my dogs outside. I can’t keep my bedroom blinds open because I feel like someone will stand under the street lamp at the corner of my street and just stare into my window. When I’m trying to fall asleep at night, I have to face towards my wall because I’m concerned that there may be a person staring at me if I open my eyes. Even when I’m taking a shower, I’m afraid to open my eyes in case I see someone staring at me. In more recent years, I’ve felt like whatever is staring at me has malicious intentions.

What could this mean?

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  1. bigtomesz

    Wow. . Sorry to put my useless input. I think you may be over paranoid. I don’t know if it’s normal with a lot of people… I think you should seek professional help because I feel that you can really damage your future and character . Don’t be shy to go to a therapist. They study these behaviours and help people through it. Thats what they are there for. you will probably make it a lot worse for yourself if you don’t



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