Dec 29

Can his leg and life be rejuvenated or is it a downhill slide?

My husband is over seventy. Last year he wasn’t being watched and , after major surgery, jumped up from the hospital gurney and broke his femur. Six months later he was walking pretty fast and I was thrilled. Then he took a doctor prescribed sleeping pill with a pain pill and fell down at 2am and cracked a bone next to the femur and now is very unsteady on his feet, wants me to bring him everything and is very sedentary, sleeping half the day. He never says one word about regaining his muscle strength to the point I think he enjoys his tv/napping lifestyle. His mood is fairly upbeat, thank God. I won’t let him drive if I’m a passenger or go to the store or even the mailbox. I can take the truth. Is there hope for him to walk normally again? I’ve missed you guys. Happy New Year to all.

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