Jan 04

Can someone recommend a version of this recipe that doesn’t use cake mix or instant pudding?

Hi All!

My friend is having a housewarming party this weekend and I’d love to bring her a pink champagne cake to mark the occasion.

I just got a new Nordic Ware bundt pan and a cheap bottle of champagne leftover from NYE that I’m just itching to use…

However, the only pink champagne cake recipe I found that goes in a burnt mold uses cake mix and instant pudding. I’m really not keen on that and would prefer to make everything from scratch..


Can someone recommend an adjustment to this recipe to make it more “real”? Thanks!

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  1. bigtomesz

    Your wish is my search Champagne cake recipe
    ~ ~ ~ The mixture will pour just fine into the bundt pan.
    But it will pour and cook, follow the time and temp from your recipe for a bundt pan.



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