Jan 07

Can you help with home heating question?

I tend to keep my thermostats on the low side but parts of the house get really chilly during the day – specifically the kitchen and den. I have electric space heaters in each. Is it more efficient to use the space heaters judiciously or to raise the whole house temps? The furnaces – one runs old steam radiators and one for newer hot water baseboards – use gas. Both solutions warm up the house fine but which is cheaper and more ecologically efficient? (@LuckyGuy – go to town!)


  1. bigtomesz

    Those electric space heaters are quick and cozy if you’re parked in front of them, but will send your electric bill through the roof. It seems to me that you should determine why it is that the kitchen & den are colder than the rest of the house and figure out if there are mechanisms for increasing or decreasing heat emitted from the various baseboards and radiators. Are the 2 rooms furthest from the furnaces? 2 furnaces? Just how large is this house?


  2. bigtomesz

    Baking bread and cookies and cakes all day will add heat to your kitchen/den area.
    I will happily accept any overflow.



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