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Feb 05

Will my puppy forget me?

I’m going away for 5 days have to leave my puppy we got her when she was 10 weeks and had her for about three months will she forget me or love the person watching her more then me???

Jan 25

Leaving puppy while on holiday?

… be 11 month) westie puppy while we go on holiday for 17/18 days due to time difference. My dog lives with me, my mam and dad, we are all doing. I am really worried about leaving him as it 1st time and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I have 2 …

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Jan 05

From rare to well done, which would be the best way to cook a piece of dogmeat?

Give reasons for your answer.

Dec 30

Why do cats awkwardly lick their necks beneath their chins, and what is it called?

If you’ve spent any time around a domestic cat you might have noticed it tidy up after a meal by licking itself clean. Well the instinctual MO is to lick your paw to scrub your face and ears with. You know basically they have a set of programmed/hardwired cleaning routines. One of which is to …

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Dec 27

Where can a group of 14 year olds apply to volunteer to help people or animals?


Dec 02

Is 5 kg of dog food enough for 14 days?

Tom also leaves a bag of food for the dog. He knows the dog eats 350 grams each day. The bag contains 5 kilograms of dog food.

Nov 27

My boyfriend wants us to have his family dog.. What do I do?

I am with a 26 year old man. He’s been married, currently going through a divorce with a 2 1/2 year old son. We’re looking to get a dog , which I want one from the beginning so it’ll be our first dog together, yet he wants to have his old dog. His wife doesn’t want …

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Nov 22

Give away my cat, cat is not interacting with new owner, what can she do?

I recently gave away my cat in trade for a dog. Now my former cat is not interacting with its new owner. What can I tell the new owner to do to help the cat?

Nov 17

I want a dog,but what kinds of?

Hy I would like a dog but,i want to keep in house ,don’t have garden,what do you recommend?