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Dec 16

Starting a massage therapy business needs a company name?

I’m starting my own business in massage . My home is located by the ocean. I have two names picked out. 1 is Cassandra’s Oasis by the Sea or Cassandra’s Oasis on the Ocean. I would like feedback on which name to choose. Thanks

Dec 12

Summarize the COSO Risk Management Framework and COSO’s ERM process?

Imagine you are an Information Technology Manager employed by a business that needs you to develop a plan for an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. In the past, ERM has not been a priority for the organization. Failed corporate security audits, data breaches, and recent news stories have convinced the Board of Directors that …

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Dec 06

What are the best email marketing????

There are more strategies for successful email campaigns, but which is better???

Dec 04

Any one interested to learn business analysis?


Dec 03

Find contractor (Independent Contractor), taxes?

Hello, I’m looking into a job that will hire me as an independent contractor, but I’m not quite sure how the taxes works since I’ll be considered freelance. Will I have to set aside money per pay check for my taxes? And what percentage of my income should I save if so? Any clarifications would …

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Dec 02

I need ways to earn money quick!?

Im 10 and i asked my parents if they would get me a Laptop but they gave me a lecture about need to earn money for it!But i dont know how to earn money!PLEASE HELP! (and something a 10 year old can do)

Dec 01

I work as house cleaner,why(some)women treat me badly?And which is the best house cleaning products?

i dont have problems with men but some women who rent me to clean her house treat me badly,sometimes it was humiliated for example:one day i cleaned floor on all fours and woman sat on sofa and watched tv(it was humiliated)when i cleaned beside sofa she lied on sofa and ask me could i take …

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Nov 30

What trade policy let’s a country earn more than world price, but doesn’t raise the domestic price?

The country of Benin grows and imports rice. If the government of Benin wants their rice farmers to earn more for their rice than the world price but doesn’t want its consumers to pay more for rice than the world price so to keep the cost of living the same, what policy should be employed? …

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Nov 27

How to earn money if your only a teenager?

Im currently 14 and im turning 15 but my parents don’t let me somehow get a small job or earn money by doing chores. I’m expected to do chores but other than that I can’t do anything online or ask them for money and if I get good grades I can’t earn money either. I …

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Nov 20

Is TiltYard Sales a legitimate service and are they safe to deal with?

I am interested in buying a bike from Craigslist and the seller said he will use this TiltYard Sales service which I never heard of. Is this safe? They look safe to me but I was wondering if someone else used them and how safe are they? How fast is the shipping, how do they …

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