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Mar 06

Does anybody know arcade machines similar to the “PainStation”?

I really like the idea behind this game, it would be fun to play with friends, but sadly it’s not for sale, nor for rent in my country. So do you know anything that is similar to it, and is purchasable?

Feb 25


What are the advantages and disadvantages of making VR googles?

Feb 19

Sir my question is that why we read electrical circuit analysis in software engineering??????

urgently tell me why we read it and how it help us in field.

Feb 08

How to hide an instagram profile?

I once had a friend on instagram who I am no longer friends with. Her profile name starts with a K. I have a current friend whos profile starts with a K as well. Whenever I want to share anything (as in comment the second friends name on the post) the undesired persons profile shows …

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Jan 30

Which is the best website?

If I want to get all the latest information in the fashion which is the best website?

Jan 28

I need to lean the keyboard in a day. how do I do it?


Jan 14

Which is the best Web hosting services?

Now web hosting is very popular.Lot of hosting services provide services.amongt these which one is the best and cheapest

Jan 13

Google – I’ve had swollen tonsils for over a week with more and more developing white spots on them?

… the tonsils hurt but no sore throat, and no fever what could it be

Jan 12

Who has cheap laptops/tablets?

Looking for a cheaper laptop or tablot to use for school that can last a little while.

Jan 09

How current are the Google maps and Google earth. Is the view I see real time or months old?

so this is it

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