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Jan 14

Which is the best Web hosting services?

Now web hosting is very popular.Lot of hosting services provide services.amongt these which one is the best and cheapest

Jan 13

Google – I’ve had swollen tonsils for over a week with more and more developing white spots on them?

… the tonsils hurt but no sore throat, and no fever what could it be

Jan 12

Who has cheap laptops/tablets?

Looking for a cheaper laptop or tablot to use for school that can last a little while.

Jan 09

How current are the Google maps and Google earth. Is the view I see real time or months old?

so this is it

Jan 02

Local Area Connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration ,please help!

Hello all. I need some help with my computer.  I don’t know what exactly is wrong, only that the thread title is what it says when I try to diagnose the problem.  I’m experienced with computers, but just need to know what steps to take to fix this. Tried restarting, tried turning on/off modem.  Everything …

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Dec 26

Facebook – How can I find out who share something on my page?

I put up some pitchures and people shared them I would like to know who share them

Dec 25

Can you pay for someone’s spotify account?

Where online purchase and payment is nearly impossible in a terrible country, a dear friend would love to have a Spotify Premium account, so I’d love to get it for her, Please someone help me, can I pay for someone to get the premium features? and how do I do so?

Dec 19

Hi Web Design Questions?

What is the copyright law, and why should we respect copyrighted materials? Use examples in your response.

Dec 15

How do I reboot my desktop computer?

When I bought this computer I created a password I can not remember. I’m aware when its rebooted that it deletes everything. I just want to have access to it. I know its possible with out paying someone. I’m looking to do it on my own

Dec 15

Sent a Snapchat to the wrong person but turned my wifi off before it sent, how to delete a snapchat?


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