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Dec 29

Can you sell on Ebay without app on your phone?

“He” says “you don’t need an Ebay app on your phone! You can get one on the Sell page!” I don’t believe it. Do I need an Ebay app on his phone first before I tackle this job? I’ve never once gotten an app anywhere.

Dec 18

can you play dvds on ps4?


Dec 18

If I flash a UV flashlight at a small solar panels that charges mobile devices, would it work?

Charging port output: 5V/ 1.8A

Dec 10

google play services has broken my phone?

I recently cleared the from my google play services in order to fix the “authentication error sign in required” problem that I had. However when I cleared the data, every time I try to sign back in my phone turns off 🙁 obviously there was something in that data that ensured my phone could run …

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Dec 10

single phase electric motor problem rotating in 2 directions?

single phase electric motor problem rotating in 2 directions, what is the cause and the solution?

Dec 09

What product can I buy that will be high mega pixel camera as well internal storage?

Samsung or other Chinese brand

Nov 27

From iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Note 3?

I have an iphone 4 for about 2 years now and my mum gave me a choice of upgrading to: iPhone 5c/s Nexus 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I really like the Note 3 (easy to use, nice to hold on, perfect size, the camera and the specs) but dad keeps telling …

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Nov 18

Which is te better iphone ,iphone 6 or iphone 7?

i want to buy an iphone but i don’t know which is the better?I thinking between Iphone 6 or Iphone 7