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Dec 14

Can you use liquid latex to wax facial/leg hair?

Like, cosmetic waxing? Cheap cosmetic wax sucks and the kind that actually works is way too expensive.

Dec 07

Does anyone wish inappropriate clothes never existed?

So, I just find it annoying that; revealing clothes ever were invented. I feel that all the disgusting clothes girls are wearing are causing so many rapes and men who don’t respect women. I’m over here thinking that; men are the reason why girls get raped. I only thought it was one-sided, because of how …

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Dec 02

Where is a good place to sell inexpensive but in good condition clothes? (Kid and boys clothes)?

I want to sell some clothes. They are not name brand, but still in really nice condition and I think I could make some ok money off of them.

Nov 20

This year’s most attractive fashion accessory?

This year’s most attractive fashion accessory?