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Jan 29

Help me remember what this old candy is!?

Trying to remember an old candy. It’s hazelnut shaped hard candy with soft center. Kind of like a werthers or nips, but its not them

Jan 20

How can I get food RIGHT NOW???


Jan 04

Can someone recommend a version of this recipe that doesn’t use cake mix or instant pudding?

Hi All! My friend is having a housewarming party this weekend and I’d love to bring her a pink champagne cake to mark the occasion. I just got a new Nordic Ware bundt pan and a cheap bottle of champagne leftover from NYE that I’m just itching to use… However, the only pink champagne cake …

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Jan 01

Can humans safely eat animal feed corn when cooked and prepared properly?

I was given about 100 pounds of cleaned, whole kernel, animal feed corn as a gift from someone who hunts on my property. It came from the local farm storeand was quite inexpensive. I was reading the label (Protein 6.5% min, Crude Fat 2.5% min, Crude Fiber 3.0% max) and it occurred to me that …

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Dec 30

What do I do with this pre-cooked frozen lasagna?

My MIL and I made lasagna on Christmas Eve, and she sent me home with an extra one. It’s already baked, and has been sitting in my freezer in a nice Corningware pan. I’d like to serve it to our friends tomorrow for NYE. It’s quite large, and I’m not sure if I should thaw …

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Nov 26

How is the pack of milk similar to the mango juice? How do they differ?

How is the pack of milk similar to the mango juice? How do they differ?

Nov 23

Can you please recommend a romantic restaurants New York City?

I want to have an unforgettable dinner or late lunch at a great Italian restaurant New York City. Italian chef preferred , of course. Decor is very important. Recommendations please? Thanks!

Nov 18

I drink too much?

I only 17 , I drink every weekend , is it ok ?I  know i can drink only 21 above , but i’d like beer soo much.Is it OK , or something is wrong with me?