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Feb 14

Stand-out baby girl names?

My friends baby is due in a month, she wants a name that stands-out but hasnt found one yet. Any suggestions?

Feb 06

Describe three modifications that a mainstream school can make towards true inclusion for a child?

… with Autism? Describe three modifications that a mainstream school can make towards true inclusion for a child with Autism? could someone help me with this question

Feb 01

Father gone and not paying child support?

I am in need of some good advice on my current problem that not even my lawyer is able to act fast enough and show results on my case. I am Greek Cypriot living in Cyprus, my ex fiance who is English and the legitimate father of my 6 year old daughter, left the island …

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Jan 09

I’m expecting my baby any day now. However, my parents don’t call me. Should I be calling them?

My in-laws call me on a daily basis. This is their fourth grandchild. This is my parents first grandchild. My mom has been talking non stop about wanting a grandchild for years! She’s even made quilts for non-existant grandchildren.

Dec 28

I think im pregnant. Is there any one I can ask a few questions ?

A week or so ago I took an ovulation test. I was at my top two most fertil days. I tried for a baby. Now I should be getting my period. But it hasn’t come yet. Nipples are weird and sore and twingy. When I smoke a cigarette now I get extremely dizzy. My stomach …

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Nov 25

How do I choose a health care provider for pregnancy?

you can choose pregnancy health care provider on the basis of following factors- experience- If you are choosing a health care providing agency, then you should check how old it is. facilities- what facilities they are providing to a pregnant women and what is the average time duration of their services. for eg. during labour …

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Nov 20

Baby names for girls?

I’m 16 and expecting TWINS-GIRLS! I am looking for many different names and thought I should start here. Thanks!

Nov 19

What foods should pregnant women avoid?

What foods should pregnant women avoid?