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Jan 20

Why is fast food considered not healthy ?

except the fact that it is bad for health and it causes health problems such as heart disease , obesity.

Jan 17

Pimples on my face. Haven’t had all my life, until I turned 19. Please advise?

I hope to find a solution to my pimple worries…. I never had spots or pimples on my face before. Now at 19-20 years old they are coming non stop. It’s been about a year or more since they started like this. Used plenty of natural remedies such as orange peel face packs, honey, lemon, …

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Jan 14

Anyone have recipes that are high calorie, and low FODMAP safe?

I desperately need to gain weight, but I suffer from IBS so I have to follow the low FODMAP diet or suffer from severe stomach pain.Help?

Jan 11

How much food do adult red pandas eat per day?


Jan 08

What sort of room could keep an expert in qi energy flow from escaping?

Given: masters of energy flow can essentially overcome most any physical encumbrance. How then can one expect to detain them should they need to be imprisoned, or otherwise. What steps would you take to contain a practitioner of this sort of energy channeling?

Dec 29

Can his leg and life be rejuvenated or is it a downhill slide?

My husband is over seventy. Last year he wasn’t being watched and , after major surgery, jumped up from the hospital gurney and broke his femur. Six months later he was walking pretty fast and I was thrilled. Then he took a doctor prescribed sleeping pill with a pain pill and fell down at 2am …

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Dec 29

Supplements for diabetics?

list of supplements for type 2 diabetes

Dec 22

What Is The Best Pre Workout Meal?

Everyone’s nutritional requirements are different depending on their goals and activities. For some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but for those who manage to squash some gym time into their routine, good what is the best pre workout meal and post-workout foods can be just as huge.

Dec 17

Help my skin redness,scaly and itchy?!?

I put hydroquinone on my face and it turned red, flaky and itchy. Is it permanent? How long does the side effect last? Pls help me! People cant see me like this in school!!!

Dec 07

Is 73 pounds a normal weight for girl ?13 year old girl 4,9 ?

Is 73 pounds a normal weight for a 13 year old girl who 4,9?

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