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Feb 03

If I miss more than 10 days of school with a doctors note will I have to go to court?


Jan 15

When are “The Holidays”?

A lot of times you’ll hear the saying that someone is “getting ready for the holidays”. But when or what exactly are the holidays? Are they a certain time of the year where there are a lot of major holidays right next to each other or are they the days surrounding the holiday

Jan 04

Do hotel “families” pass the bedding/towels down from the high end hotels to the lower end ones?

High end hotels seems to have very nice bedding/towels, but the low end ones are very used.

Dec 09

Whats your top 5 favorite holidays in order please!!!?

if you dont get what i mean here is an example 2.easter 3. halloween 4. st patricks day 5. 4th of july

Dec 03

What is the best christmas meals?

Hey please help me ,i need some good christmas meals ,because i don’t have any idea?

Nov 18

What is the better gift to christmas.

I wanna buy something for my mother but i don’t know what ,should a personal and great gift.Any ideas?