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Jan 19

You deposit $2000 in an account earning 7% interest, compounded quarterly. How much will you have in

… the account after 10 years?

Jan 10

6 digit passcode?

Hi I’m trying to work out all the different colour code combinations of ‘f and 0 – zero’ with 6 digits. Can someone please tell me all of them? It would help greatly. How many combinations are there? Eg. ff0000 00ff00 0000ff ffffff 000000

Jan 09

I have Lego Marvel superheroes but should I get Lego Marvel Avengers?

I’ve looked at a few videos on Lego Marvel Avengers and I don’t know if a should buy it or not. If you have this game please respond.

Jan 07

Can you help with home heating question?

I tend to keep my thermostats on the low side but parts of the house get really chilly during the day – specifically the kitchen and den. I have electric space heaters in each. Is it more efficient to use the space heaters judiciously or to raise the whole house temps? The furnaces – one …

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Jan 07

Is mortgage protection insurance a scam?

We recently refinanced our mortgage, and ended up with a monthly payment about half of what we’d been paying. Shortly after the re- fi closed, I started receiving offers for “mortgage protection” plans to pay the amount of the loan if I or my wife pass away before the mortgage is paid off. It sounds …

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Jan 06

Is gender dysphoria a disability?

Should gender dysphoria be considered a disability that would be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act? If it were, allowing persons diagnosed with this condition to use the bathroom of their choice could be a reasonable accommodation per the ADA (this might have to be tested in court). Since this accommodation would only apply …

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Dec 27

I need an video idea about hope for a school project ideas please?

its about hope and should not be more than 3 min long. I need some motivational and inspiring ideas about this topic that 8th graders can produce

Dec 20

First time getting a car?

About how much would the dwn payment be for each? 20,000 30,000 40,000 P.’s I know it depends more or less depending on your credit

Nov 21

My roommate hasnt been home in over 2 weeks. do I have to filing an eviction or is they moved out?

not really a “roommate” but my relation. weve been trying to evict her for over 2 months and shes somehow managed to dodge them all. but she hasnt been home in over 2 weeks. can we just kick her out at this point or do we still have to filing an eviction?