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Mar 04

Why do sunflower seedlings have red stalks?

My sunflower seedlings have been growing well then randomly got reddish stalks/stems. I need some help guys/gals.

Mar 01

What does noell mean?


Feb 19

Looking for some weed or if anyone knows how to get high off of other stuff?

Hi I’m 16 and wanna know where I can get some weed. I live out in the country and I don’t go to public school I only know one guy who smokes weed but I don’t think he’ll let me smoke with him. So I was wondering if anyone could give me tips. I was …

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Feb 09

How do I get the blades out of a metal sharpener?

I’ve tried scissors, pencils,knives, anything with a flat edge and nothing. I need to get those blades and i dont care what you say. I know whats good for me and whats not. It would be too suspicious if i went out and bought a screw driver to try and unscrew it. I am already …

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Feb 08

Can you use Nicorette Gum ten years after expiration?

My mother in law gave me Nicorette Gum she found to help me quit but the expiration is 2005. Do I use it or would it not me safe?

Jan 31

Does anyone know about this numbers from 407?

I have been getting scamming calls from such numbers?? Does anyone know about it?? This numbers seem to have disconnected?? I have been called for mh SSN and also been told like my wife has a kid withsome else? Is this some kind of prank calls? 4077100123 4077100677 4077100679 4077100298 4077100072 Let me know if …

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Jan 19

What is it that can be old and new at the same time??

This is it.

Jan 17


My friends and I need help figuring out this riddle. “Have me and see, that you will fear me. I will get to your head, and you may end dead.” We have guessed things such as money/power/jealousy/envy/drug/disease, and nothing has yet solved this. Thanks for anyones’ help that can assist us.

Jan 16

Should the true God who is the creator of all things have a name and why?

Every living thing in creation have a name!!!!

Jan 10

Wht is the ans???

The cistern can be filled by using pipe A 20 mins and it can be emptied by pipe B 25 min if they work alternative days the cistern will be filled in??

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