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Jan 19

What is it that can be old and new at the same time??

This is it.

Jan 17


My friends and I need help figuring out this riddle. “Have me and see, that you will fear me. I will get to your head, and you may end dead.” We have guessed things such as money/power/jealousy/envy/drug/disease, and nothing has yet solved this. Thanks for anyones’ help that can assist us.

Jan 16

Should the true God who is the creator of all things have a name and why?

Every living thing in creation have a name!!!!

Jan 10

Wht is the ans???

The cistern can be filled by using pipe A 20 mins and it can be emptied by pipe B 25 min if they work alternative days the cistern will be filled in??

Jan 10

Is it fair for the driving school to charge a fee for missing a scheduled driving appointment?

I scheduled an hour for driving on Saturday but then snow showed up. I called to try to cancel/reschedule, the number will NOT go through or even let me leave a message! Now, the people are calling me and telling of me of this fee I owe them?!? I paid $250 for my 30 hour …

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Jan 01

Which celebrity will be the first to die in 2017?

2016 was a horrible year for celebrity deaths. Who will start the 2017 cohort?

Dec 31

First Job Interview?

Hello …got a interview on Wednesday and im super nervous this will be my FIRST interview ever and im happy that that called Oh and the job is chipotle … I need GOOD tips go i can get the job I already know to smile and be hype and happy but i need more TIPS …

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Dec 28

Does a virgin mary necklace it mean anything?

i was playing with a friend in the park beside a church and in front of a catholic shcool and on a picnak table i found a necklace with the picture of the virgin mary on it, it was all rusted but i just wanted to know if it was mean for anything. ever since …

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Dec 28

14 and scared to sleep alone,never have since I was 4, please help!?

I’m 14 year old girl and my dad died when I was 4 since then I have slept with my mum, I’ve tried to sleep on my own but I’m scared that something scary is behind or infront of me,my mum has sat by me till I fall asleep then left but as soon as …

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Dec 19

What word is used to describe a law or an act that goes against the Constitution?


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