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Jan 10

Is it fair for the driving school to charge a fee for missing a scheduled driving appointment?

I scheduled an hour for driving on Saturday but then snow showed up. I called to try to cancel/reschedule, the number will NOT go through or even let me leave a message! Now, the people are calling me and telling of me of this fee I owe them?!? I paid $250 for my 30 hour …

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Jan 01

Which celebrity will be the first to die in 2017?

2016 was a horrible year for celebrity deaths. Who will start the 2017 cohort?

Dec 31

First Job Interview?

Hello …got a interview on Wednesday and im super nervous this will be my FIRST interview ever and im happy that that called Oh and the job is chipotle … I need GOOD tips go i can get the job I already know to smile and be hype and happy but i need more TIPS …

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Dec 28

Does a virgin mary necklace it mean anything?

i was playing with a friend in the park beside a church and in front of a catholic shcool and on a picnak table i found a necklace with the picture of the virgin mary on it, it was all rusted but i just wanted to know if it was mean for anything. ever since …

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Dec 28

14 and scared to sleep alone,never have since I was 4, please help!?

I’m 14 year old girl and my dad died when I was 4 since then I have slept with my mum, I’ve tried to sleep on my own but I’m scared that something scary is behind or infront of me,my mum has sat by me till I fall asleep then left but as soon as …

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Dec 19

What word is used to describe a law or an act that goes against the Constitution?


Dec 16

Does atlantic ocean and Indian ocean meet in south africa?

anybody know it?

Dec 14

Withdrawing money abroad without fees?

So, would this work, I m trying to avoid fees here: Step 1: I ordered a brand new Visa, never used it yet; Step 2: I go online and I pay 1000$ on the card, so my balance is now at 1000$ Step 3: I use that card at any ATM How that sound (Question …

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Dec 11

Whats the best bitcoin tumbler mixer?

What is the best bitcoin tumbler or at least a good bitcoin tumbler, i know one i heard only about it but does somebody a review about should be very cheap,i saw,but is it a good mixer?

Dec 04

What is minutes of meeting meaning?

Hy I always hear this but i don’t know what does it mean?

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