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Feb 14

I feel lonely?

I’m only 15. I’m a guy. I really want you guys to understand how I’m feeling and tell me how I can change. The last few years, I’ve been always been shy and introverted. I’d call myself socially awkward sometimes. When I first moved to Canada I got bullied, this really destroyed my confidence. For …

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Feb 12

In a world full of politics, is election process fair and an accurate indication of what people wan?


Feb 10

What is a good question about art sculptures made to look like woman?


Feb 09

In the old west period (early to mid 1800’s) what would people have called extra terrestrials?Alien?

Would cowboys and such…have words like aliens or martian, in their vocabulary at this point in history?

Feb 02

Would you change your religious belief to marry the person you love? Why or why not?


Feb 01

Jessica Lauren or Jessica Miya?

I’m writing some book thingy for school write now and I’m not sure what to call the girl in it. So what do ya think, Jessica Lauren or Jessica Miya ?? Thanks

Jan 26

who sings Tick tock, don’t stop…” and “Where you come from, what your age girl”?


Jan 23

Do you agree to the phrase everyone is a winner why?

For Q and A in our

Jan 22

Hi, Im struugling am only 35?

Hi, im struugling am only 35 years old, my mother has dementia. Im trying my best to take care of her myself. My question is….am i wrong for going out and having a life? She makes me feel guilty for leaving everytime i come home, even tho she was ok before i left i really …

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Jan 17

Anyone rp (role play) The Outsiders?

I rp with people on Quotev and shit but not many people rp this. Anyone wanna rp this with me? I’m a girl and straight. If your a girl, I play your crush you play mine. If I’m just playing yours it’s a bit weird and annoying

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