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Jan 12

How old was Edmund Hillary when he climbed mount everest?

How old was Edmund Hillary when he climbed mount everest?

Jan 09

I have death registration slip of my mom how to get death certificate Please tell me?

The registration slip i have is of my mom who died in a recent time. I want to know how to get death certificate. I am trying online but it’s not possible. Please tell and guide me what’s the procedure to get one?

Jan 06

Is Alabama Crotch police a real thing?

I saw this article in facebook, but I don’t know if it is a real thing or not. Is there anyone in Alabama who has heard of this? Plus what would be the appropriate name. 1. Crotch Police 2. Genital Police 3. Creeper Cops 4. Bathroom Attendant Cops My personal favorite would be number 3. …

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Jan 03

Which notable people, other than the entertainers/celebrities, died in 2016?

That is, according to the mainstream media? Is it me or have they only been writing and talking about the Carrie Ficher, Reynolds, Prince, Bowie…? Why is the media hostile to the Janet Renos or Ariel Sharons or others in people in other fields? And I don’t mean it’s just 2016, it»‘s just an example?

Jan 02

Are immigrants considered illiterate if they can only read their native languages?

Or is having one language sufficient?

Jan 02

How to cope with being an overly anxious person?

HI All, Most of you know how anxious I am, and you may be aware of my brain parasite post a few days ago. Well 4 days in and I’m terrified, I can’t eat, can’t sleep, every little head ache means I have the parasite. I’ve rung the council and the nurse line, plus my …

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Dec 28

What does he mean? What should I say?

I don’t wanna get to deep into this but I texted a guy who I don’t know if i’m still there friend or not (long story) “can we just start over?” 12 hours later (I txed him at mid night and he responed at noon) he responed “idk, can we?” I wasn’t sure what to …

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Dec 23

How do I become a nicer person?

I feel like I’m mean. For instance, I make sassy remarks alot and sometimes come across as a jerk who doesn’t care about her friends. I try to act tough, but people just think I’m mean. Secondly, I’m too hyper. I laugh at everything, and sometimes I hurt people without meaning to. I don’t want …

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Dec 23

Can anyone help me with my crush?

Okay so I’ve liked this guy for over a year now. I have barely said a word to him before. Yet i don’t know I think I just feel something. He’s considered one of the popular guys at my school. I am really shy sometine, so I’m really in the middle not a loser but …

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Dec 21

What can I buy for my boyfriend 30 years old birthday?

What can I buy for my boyfriend 30 years old birthday? He loves to surf and to ride on skateboard. Anyone has any ideas for me?

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