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Jan 08

Will the Republicans get votes for cabinet nominations before the nominees are vetted by the Ethics Office?

The cabinet nominees are dragging their feet in providing the non-partisan Office of Government Ethics with the required paper work. Link Republicans have scheduled for this week votes for some of them. Are the Republicans going to be able to get away with it? It certainly seems as if they are trying to hide information. …

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Jan 06

In what ways did the United States economically benefit from World War 2?What was effects of World War 2 to U.S. economics?

This isn’t a homework question, I saw a segment on TV about World War 2 and I was just curious about the benefits America gained. I know most wars are started because of a resource issue- so did America gain any new resources? The segment said that Great Britains Job employment spiked- did Americas? I …

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Dec 29

Why did you not vote for Hillary Clinton?


Dec 14

Why is everyone against Donald Trump, trying to stop him?

I have read the news and I have seen people trying to “stop donald trump”, and now you even have the anonymous “declaring war” on him. Why is this so?

Nov 26

Who thinks Donald Trump will be America’s #1 thug?

I don’t like Trump like most of you don’t/do.

Nov 15

Now Donald Trump is the new president what will happen?

Some people says it is the end of world,some people says better than before presidents,what is the true?What will hapen if he’s bad?