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Jan 10

How can I convince my parents to stop playing soccer?!?

Ive been playing soccer since i was 6, recently i started playing really competitively and I really hate it! I have to work to hard for something that I don’t even enjoy. I will try telling them that last sentence but it might not convince them. Also my coach really acts and thinks like life …

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Dec 30

How do you know if break up with someone is the right thing?

Where do draw the line between regret and doing the right thing for own yourself respect?

Dec 27

I’ve been with my guy for 2 1/2 years What’s a way for us to remind each other of us?

We’ve been together for two and a half years. I’m not of age to get a tattoo. And no more piercings. We’ve been through so much. I wanna do something different. I wanna do something that means something to the both of us. I’d prefer something that doesn’t cost money. Just something me thing both …

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Dec 24

I’m in love with my half nephews half sister I’m in the UK is that wrong to feel like that?


Dec 20

Should I tell my gf I cheated on her?

i have been with my girlfriend for a little over two years now. i gave her a promise ring, and i gave her my word to one day marry her. i have every intention of fulfilling my word and i love the girl to death. However, i made a huge mistake about a year ago …

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Dec 11

Worst week ever! :'( ?

So last night I found out my Grandpa was just rushed to the hospital for a heart attack and they say it doesn’t look good, but an hour before I found out about my grandpa my Girlfriend breaks up with me :'( My heart hurts and feels like its going to explode any minute, I …

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Dec 08

How can I get over missing family member?

Hey, I’m 14 and I REALLY miss my sister, and no, before you ask, she is not dead. She has just gone to university. I’ve always looked up to her and I’ve managed to survive the first year of her being away… But it’s starting to take over my whole life. I don’t see her …

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Dec 03

I need free dating websites ? Any advice?

Hy I don’t found any kinds of free dating websites,but i need please help. Thank you

Dec 01

My husband hit me for the first time in an 19 year marriage. I don’t know what to do?

How do I forgive my husband for hitting me after 19 years of a loving and passionate marriage? We have our ups and downs but were always able to work it out in the end. We love each other very much. Two nights ago we went out with friends and drank way too much. In …

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Nov 27

What to do if you feel that you’re parents, prefer you siblings more than you?

My parents are trating my siblings over me and every time I talk to them about it they say that thay love us all equally, but after a while they go back to the special treatment and I feel left out, and becouse of that some times I cant open up to other people and …

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