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Jan 21

Only one force can act on one part of a structure at a time. true or false?


Jan 16

Chemistry Questions?

What is the difference between counting the atoms and counting the elements?

Jan 12

Why isn’t all the gravitational energy going down hill converted into kinetic energy?

a science question

Jan 04

How would the sky light up green?

Yesterday around nine pm I was taking a walk in the bike path that goes through town, and on four occasions in the span of about twenty minutes, the sky lit up green. It was exactly like when lightning strikes and everything lights up and it looks like daytime for a second. Except in this …

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Dec 26

I need help on science works?

a scientist reads relevant literature and designer her experiment. She repeats her experiment several times and collects an entire set of data everytime. As compared to a single data set, the multiple data sets lead her to modified conclusions how is skepticism important to the progress of science in this scenario? A) it helped with …

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Dec 22

How long does it take for a poop to decompose in river water?

Does it take longer than 2 days?

Dec 20

A certain virus infects one in every 500 people?

A certain virus infects one in every 500 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90% of the time if the person has the virus and 10% of the time if the person does not have the virus. Let A be the event “the person is infected” and B …

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Dec 16

How do hurricanes form?

and why do they form only during certain months over the ocean?

Nov 22

What is a quick but advance science fair project ideas that I can do?

I’m in an advance pre-ap 7th grade science class and I have to do this for a major grade. If your a science specialist or something like that, please find one that I an do that is something I don’t know and that has a good explanation and experiment for my pre-ap level.