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Jan 26

I don’t know if I love her or not, but I like to talk with her. shes always good kind of friend with

.. me.. when ever we talk its good conversation.. but its hard when it came to meet.. can anyone help me

Jan 21

How do I get out of this tricky situation?

I’m 17. The thing is, I love a girl, who is my best friend, let her name be D. I think D too loves me. Just yesterday, another girl came and proposed me, let her name be P. I know that I don’t love P. I’m trying hard to convince P, but, she’s not understanding. …

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Jan 18

I want to write my boyfriend a surprise love letter but don’t know what to say any ideas?


Dec 25

My boyfriend kissed a girl right in front of me?

my boyfriend of 3 months and i went out to a pub with some friends. I’ve never really been out with him before. We all had a few drinks, and were a bit groggy, so i’m really not sure what to think of this, but a girl was hitting on him, and he let her …

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Dec 17

What do I do when my relationship is going to shit, but deeply love the girl?

I’ve been dating the girl for 2 years. (Senior year of high school and just finished Freshman year of college). We dated in the earlier years of high school too, but I admit I was too immature back then. Anyways… First month started out great. Then she started lying to me…..a lot. I kept giving …

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Dec 13

I already kiss my best friend’s girl and now I’m thinking of asking her to be my girl?

Should I ask her and risk our friendship or should I play safe and just be on friend zone?

Dec 13

I have a close group of friends but I feeling really lonely.should I make up with an old best friend?

I am 17 years old. I have a close group of friends and some other really close ones but sometimes i feeling really lonely. I feel like none of my friends really suit me and that our friendships arent thay deep.Moreover i really miss a certain person that i cant talk to or see so …

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Dec 05

What guys look for in girls?

I like two guys and there really nice but I was wonder what guys like about girls help!!! Ps im at high school and thanks in advance 😉

Nov 27

Some people tell me that if you and your boyfreind fight alot that is called that true?

now me and my boyfreind have been going out for 2 years now and now the only thing we is doing is argueing back and foward.we sometimes argue over crazy stuff but at the same time the arguements sometimes get out of hand.i love him so much and i want to know what can i …

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Nov 23

How do I?I want to break up with my boyfriend?

my boyfriend got me a really expensive gift for christmas. i used to like him but now i just wanna be friends. i wanna break up and still be best friends. how?

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