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Jan 31

When you are put in the back of a cop car do you have to be handcuffed?


Dec 18

What to do when you make a mistake on the road and you have an aggressive driving tailgating you?

Basically on way home from work and I was tired and impatient (no real excuse) and I didn’t give way at an miniroundabout (stupid of me I know). Therefore the driver behind was furious beeping, then driving right behind me flashing his headlights constantly and then having full beam on for several minutes behind me …

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Dec 17

Will my insurance increase?and how much is car insurance after?

I got crashed into a minivan, the minivan had no problems, but my car from hood is wrinkeled. I only got written warning? Will affect this to my insurance? If I don’t tell them. I’m from MA

Nov 24

I’ve overhauled, but the car still won’t start?

I’ve overhauled a mitsubishi Diamante ’92 DOHC V6 engine. I’ve timed the engine, when I try to start it, it cranks but it doesn’t start. I’ve changed the crankshaft position sensor and retimed the engine again. I’ve also check is there’s fuel going into the cylinders, also if the spark plugs start. But it still …

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Nov 18

I need a car ,which is the reliable?

I want to buy a car ,which brand is the reliable,i think those :Chevy , Honda ,Toyota , BMW , Mercedes