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Jan 26

What was the order from Berlin? What was its effect on M. Hamel, Franz and the people of ?

. alsace?

Jan 19

How should this be solved?

There are 8 people who are going on a trip. The car starts from point A where 4 people get on. The car then drives to point B where 3 people get on and continues to point C where the last passanger gets on. Now the car drives to the final destination, to point D …

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Jan 07

Do we need to restrict US military veterans from flying on passenger aircraft?

Yes, I am going to extremes here. The guy who shot and killed those people in Florida yesterday is a US military veteran. He had packed his firearm, retrieved it from baggage claim, loaded it, and came out shooting. Following Trump’s “ban all muslims because a few of them do bad things” philosophy, wouldn’t in …

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Jan 07

Can you recommend a reliable small car with excellent fuel economy?

I’m looking for a reliable small car, mostly for tooling around town, you know, for running errands like grocery shopping, medical appointments, visiting friends, etc. Maybe short trips up to 300 miles. Must have excellent fuel economy. I’m looking for a 2013–2015 model used car. Something like the Honda Fit. Any others come to mind?

Dec 26

21 year old British guy moving to Las Vegas?

Any advice on meeting people? How it is there? Thank you

Nov 29

Where to travel for 2-3 weeks

the country needs to be cheap/1.0 USD = 1.2+ of other about 15 days worth of stuff to do for hours at a time museums tourist attractions centralized hotel or hotel that is close to attractions and stuff CANT BE America Canada or Mexico

Nov 26

The changing face of Australia – increasing immigration ?

Is it just me, or is the face of australia changing? walking around various sydney suburbs, i often feel outnumbered, that white australians are a dying breed, taken over by an ever increasing influx of asians, indians and muslims. Seriously, what does the year 2050 hold for australia? take a look around? With an increasing immigrant …

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Nov 18

I wanna travel from NY to TX

What is the good solution?Travel with train ,car or fly?