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Jan 21

How can I earn money and move to Japan as Student?

Hello, I am 16 years old and I am in the 9th Grade. I want to move to Japan and study there, but the problem is that I dont have much money. Can you suggest me a job or something else so I can earn money? Thanks!

Jan 20

On planet the soil is found on the?


Jan 15

Your Thoughts Please!?

My boss, aka the assistant manager, told my general manager to only give me one day a week. All because she didn’t like my attitude. Now at the time I was washing dishes, and was a little annoyed because my skin would always break into rashes because of the sanitizer. I had mentioned to the …

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Jan 02

What does safety means at workplace and why it is important?

Safety is very important but usually it is observed that there are no such arrangements. So, I feel that, is it that least important that no organization has provided such facilities.