Jan 04

Do hotel “families” pass the bedding/towels down from the high end hotels to the lower end ones?

High end hotels seems to have very nice bedding/towels, but the low end ones are very used.

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  1. bigtomesz

    High end hotels have more demanding customers. So they have better towels.
    Many (not all) hotels have the hotel name stitched or tufted on the towels, so it wouldn’t be very easy to pass those on to a lower end chain. I imagine it can happen, but it’s not the normal modus operandi.
    The more important question: Why do you get soft and absorbent towels on the first day of your stay, but get crappy old rough towels for all the remaining days? If noticed this at so many hotels. It’s like – once you are there, they can treat you like crap because they know you won’t leave.



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