Dec 08

Do my dreams mean anything?

I regularly have dreams where (It might sound extremely weird) I am in a place where it is fully dark red, and as if it couldn’t get any weirder, I actually FEEL pain, and I am aware that I am sleeping (I can see the surrounding where I am sleeping, and ALSO the dream, like they’re kinda flashing). And then, suddenly that dream switches, and I am in a fully white wall with a mint colored door, and something like the numbers “312” are written on the door. And then it switches again to the red place. It is extremely disturbing for some reason, and is there any reason for this? I have these dreams very, very often.

Also, when I am in front of the white wall, I could see a disfigured figure once or twice beside the door, but they go away after a second or two. It’s really freaky.


  1. tomfish631

    Dreams have a connection to reality, and it depends on how you see it(visually in the dream), or how you interpret it. Some people have the exact same dream turn into reality before their eyes, while others have to find the meaning or symbols in their dream to understand it.

    Dream and reality is all connected, either if it has the opposite meaning to the dream or hidden meaning to it.
    Since, you have mentioned that it turns into reality(either good or bad), you should probably consider putting more significance into your dream and understand it a little more. Because you could either strive for that success in the future or avoid misfortunes that your dream is indicating you.


  2. nikke0528

    Yes. They mean you tell yourself stories while you sleep. It is ok to tell yourself more pleasant stories.



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