Dec 28

Does a virgin mary necklace it mean anything?

i was playing with a friend in the park beside a church and in front of a catholic shcool and on a picnak table i found a necklace with the picture of the virgin mary on it, it was all rusted but i just wanted to know if it was mean for anything. ever since i found, lots of weird things have been happening . i have been seeing things hearing things and feeling thing i find it pretty weird so if i can get an answer that would be good . by the way i did not take the necklace i left it on the picnak table cuz right when i pick it up the church bell beside us went off so i droped it and ran away… i think its still there tho

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  1. bigtomesz

    an object of catholic worship but is forbidden to worship idols in the Bible.It has no power at all.The cross without anything hanging on it is used by the church of Jesus(Baptists,methodists,etc) as a reminder of what Jesus did for our salvation and not to worship the cross but to worship God Himself. The cross is only stating the person or church Worships Jesus & is not an object for our worship.You worry for nothing.God loves you & wants you to know Him.Need help for being saved,contact me & be glad to help.I am a Baptist servant of God.



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