Dec 07

Does anyone wish inappropriate clothes never existed?

So, I just find it annoying that; revealing clothes ever were invented.
I feel that all the disgusting clothes girls are wearing are causing so many rapes and men who don’t respect women. I’m over here thinking that; men are the reason why girls get raped. I only thought it was one-sided, because of how perverted men are, but in reality it’s actually the way women and girls are dressing to cause men and boys to turn perverted. I am tired of this happening. I saw this girl wearing leggings without a shirt and she had a big behind, this is what caused my grandfather to keep staring at her. I hate when girls wear leggings as pants. I used to do that, but I grew out of my stupid immature ways. I used to not like to be told what to do, I would even get mad if I was told how to dress, but I am wiser and smarter. I remember this one girl she had a crop top and tight jeans on with knee-high boots and my dad couldn’t take his eyes off of her and he was MARRIED!!! I seen so many cases where when a girl turns curvy the older men in the family start doing creepy things like staring at the body of the teenage girl. Honestly, if we were still modest, as women. I really wish inappropriate clothes didn’t even exist. People care when kids get raped, but if it’s a women, forget it. Let’s boy-cott inappropriate clothing stores for women and girls.


  1. alextailor700

    Are you aware that Hawaiian hula dancers did not wear pants under their grass skirts until American tourists told them to? Are you aware that many women are offended if men DON’T look at them? You claim to be wiser and smarter, but you don’t sound like you are.


  2. bigtomesz

    I kinda agree



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