Nov 27

From iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Note 3?

I have an iphone

4 for about 2 years now and my mum gave me a choice of upgrading to:
iPhone 5c/s
Nexus 5
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I really like the Note 3 (easy to use, nice to hold on, perfect size, the camera and the specs) but dad keeps telling me to get Apple product because of the apps that we paid and Find my iphone

. I don’t mind the iPhone 5s (it’s simple and easy to use) and I know how to use it (just like an Andriod phones, easy to use) and cuz mum and dad has an iPhone 5 and 5c and I have an iPhone 4..

So, I need your decision but of course.  I have the last word for it!! 😀
Hope all of these make sense 😀 Thanks guys!!


  1. alextailor700

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a perfect choice of yours. I would also suggest you to go for it. It’s my personal opinion but I always prefer Samsung over Iphone. I am not saying, I phone is bad, I just feel that there are a variety of features that you won’t see in an I phone. Where as you can get better quality, speed, performance , Camera, display even in a mid range handset of other branded smartphones such as Samsung, LG, Micromax etc that too at highly affordable rates. You can also look out other Samsung Handset at Samsung India site.


  2. bigtomesz

    I have owned a Note 2 for almost 2 years, and have not regreted a day and have been continully found more & more uses for it as my skill level improves. The stylus is impressive & I use it for taking minutes at meetings and training. These notes are easily illustrated with pictures taken by its camera or by web screen shots. Pictures can be annotated too with the stylus.

    All notes can be converted to Word & transfered to a PC by an inexpensive cable or Bluetooth (as can be all files, films, pictures unlike iPhones). If I include flexability, the tweeking, customisation, memory expansion through Micro SD (up to 64Gb in my case) of the Android system that is denied in Apple. Also the battery can be bought replaced by yourself easily, a real cost saving over the iPhone & you do not have to loose the use of your phone as its away! The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been designed to enable easy replacement of a cracked screen too.

    The cost of Apple’s accessories needed to improve flexability & Utility to attempt to reach Android levels may be something you could tell your dad to offset the cost of Apps lost if you choose to break out of the Apples walled Garden. (I find the insistance to only use iTunes & its prices prohibitive, also many paid for iStore/Tunes Apps are free, with out resorting to Lite versions in the Google Play Store,( have a look!)). Google maps is a case in point of course, Google+ and the Siri equivalent is superb.

    I paint a poor picture of Apple! This is a liitle unfair as iOS & the iPhone is a slick system, and is even more impressive if you add in Apple TV & a Mac. This of course locks you in further to Apple. The Garden is a problem to me, but it is a very pleasent place where everything works, as long as you do it the Apple way.

    If you have’nt already Google “Note 3 vs Apple 5c.
    Another thought for the future, are you happy with Android tablets or absolutely prefer the iPad (thinking of your Apps!)

    A good site to visit is “TechRepublic”, go there & enter iOS vs Android.

    Hope this of some help.



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