Nov 24

Height Problems?

Dear My Age is 15 Year Old born in 14 May 2001 … My height 5.10 or 5.11 ! Iwas worried please help me how can i stop my height pleaseee help me


  1. tomfish631

    I’m 14 and already 5.10-11. At one point, I was horrified that I was so tall, perhaps too tall. Everywhere I went people assumed I was in university and everywhere I went, everyone was shorter than me….

    But no. Think about those who are shorter than you, those that wish they were taller, those that envy your height. Don’t try becoming shorter, you will probably stop growing, might have already stopped growing. There will always be someone that is or will be taller than you, and because of your height, you’re right in the middle, and trust me, that’s where you want to be.

    Besides, if you’re already taller than one of your parents, chances are, you won’t be growing anymore.


  2. bigtomesz

    That’s average height in my school, don’t worry your not tall (well at least to me) im 14 and 5’8 yet I have yr 7’s(11 year olds) taller than me. One is 6ft so if you were 6.4ft+ then your question would be relevant but no. And I don’t know why you would wanna stop your growth now. You’ll mostly grow around 3 inches from your age to puberty, so what does it matter as 6ft is becoming a height average. Some people grow at different paces. One year someone can grow anywhere from 2-8 inches in a year! If you want to be small for a sport I would not advise it, but if you want to be small ask your doctor, but like said this only applies if a kid is abnormally over average like 11 and 6ft.



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