Dec 08

How can I get over missing family member?

Hey, I’m 14 and I REALLY miss my sister, and no, before you ask, she is not dead. She has just gone to university. I’ve always looked up to her and I’ve managed to survive the first year of her being away… But it’s starting to take over my whole life. I don’t see her often and she’s alway stressed out from all the work so when we talk she isn’t herself which makes me want to cry. Although she does visit for the holidays and things like that, she’s been talking about how she can’t visit for pretty much anything now. I want help as soon as possible because I think about her nonstop and it’s changed my personality, from happy and energetic to getting In the house after school throwing my bag down and face planting into my bed, waiting until the next day. Please help A.S.A.P Much appreciated 🙂

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  1. nikke0528

    Call her on a Saturday. Tell her that you miss her and that you really just need your big sister back. My brother missed me and we were only 13 months apart and fought constantly. I was getting stressed at school and he’s like Jess, we need to have a sibling day. If you two were close then you should talk to her and tell her that you need a sibling day even if its just on Skype. Let her know that she can make it and she’s doing great. It’s important for her to know that you believe in her.



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