Dec 15

How do I reboot my desktop computer?

When I bought this computer I created a password I can not remember. I’m aware when its rebooted that it deletes everything. I just want to have access to it. I know its possible with out paying someone. I’m looking to do it on my own

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  1. robwin79

    There are a few ways of doing this.

    If you have not changed the administrator password you can logon as admin and change your other user account’s password from control panel.

    If you have changed the Administrator password you can either….

    Use a password recovery disc which you must have created prior and use this to recover the password (not many people have created a disc to do this step so the last step is what I use)

    Download TRINITY from Trinityhome.org on a separate computer and burn it onto a bootable disc. The disc is a password recovery tool that will allow you to remove or change the password of any user using on a windows operating system.



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