Jan 04

How would the sky light up green?

Yesterday around nine pm I was taking a walk in the bike path that goes through town, and on four occasions in the span of about twenty minutes, the sky lit up green. It was exactly like when lightning strikes and everything lights up and it looks like daytime for a second.
Except in this case there was no lightning streak nor was there noise at all. And the color was green, almost neon like, everything was just…green for a second. The last two times were a lot more intense than the first two, and made the streetlights droop in power, than they went back to normal again. I saw someone looking out their window, so I’m guessing this affected power inside peoples’ homes as well.

So…what the hell was that, man? I know there is an explanation to this. Looking it up online last night, I saw that last night and tonight there is supposed to be meteor showers, so my first guess is that this is related to this. There was also an explanation about high winds and storms that cause like…disturbances, but before a storm develops. I don’t know. I’m no good with science. But this wasn’t a storm, as I’ve once seen a storm from really far away, and while you don’t hear the lightning much, you see it accentuate the clouds.

I know it was not a storm, although it has been snowing and raining here for the passed days. Can anyone help me identify this? Sorry for the long details.

Edit- One thing I forgot to mention is in the last two flashes, there seemed to be a source, as one part of the sky was much brighter than the rest, like as if it was an explosion.


  1. bigtomesz

    Could have been transformers overloading and exploding.
    My first thought was an Aurora, but if it was overcast and youaren;t far noth, you would n’t see that.
    It also sounds like St. Elmo’s Fire, but that is usually blue.


  2. bigtomesz

    Meteor showers; invaders from Mars; but more likely it was the light of distant lightning as seen through sulfurous pollutants in the atmosphere. 🙂



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