Mar 06

I have a Bachelor’s in Homeland Security, but still don’t know what to with my life. I’m 23?

I have little work history, but I have experience in working security for seven months over the summer two years ago, six years of coursework in Spanish, and public service work with the rescue squad for about 3 years. I’m also a musician in a classic rock band for about four years. My bandmate is a general contractor who I’ve helped with his business doing side jobs in house maintenance and repair. I’ve thrown out a few applications to a sheriff’s department, about 2 other police agencies, both of which the applications haven’t been successful because I failed the written. I’m in the process of trying to join a campus law enforcement agency since I think that’s my passion. Any advice? Thanks. I’ve considered the military too. I’m 23 years old and still living with my parents, but would like to move out one day.

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