Feb 08

How to hide an instagram profile?

I once had a friend on instagram who I am no longer friends with. Her profile name starts with a K. I have a current friend whos profile starts with a K as well. Whenever I want to share anything (as in comment the second friends name on the post) the undesired persons profile shows up because they start with the same letter. Whenever I type “@K” both profiles show up. How do I set instagram so the undesired profile cannot be seen whenever i do this.

Feb 08

I supposedly have a milk allergy but why does my school think I can’t have chocolate?

Cause they know I can eat pizza cause they let me have 2 slices before my winter concert(though I did convince my teacher to give me a Hershey kiss because it was surprise chocolate day.)

Feb 06

Could I be pregnant?

… after another. Ever since those days I have felt weird, I get these weird feelings in my stomach and mild cramps down where I usually would get my period cramps. I started my period on January 25th 2017 and it lasted three or so days so I am not due for another period. I have been very nauseated but haven’t actually puked, I keep puking in my mouth and randomly having a burning feeling in the back of my throat. I feel off and I know it is to soon to take a test. Am I going crazy or is what I am feeling reasonable or should I just not worry?

Feb 06

School Help?

As I’ve come back from Summer vacation, I’ve felt comfortable around absolutely no one. I stopped talking to my closest friends suddenly, and feel awkward around them. I talk to no one in my class, except when needed to. Best way to make friends? I’m painfully shy, and can’t stand talking to anyone, including teachers.

Feb 06

Describe three modifications that a mainstream school can make towards true inclusion for a child?

… with Autism? Describe three modifications that a mainstream school can make towards true inclusion for a child with Autism?
could someone help me with this question

Feb 05

Where can I find a really good off road GPS checkpoint device for easy compassing and can make?

Checkpoints for everywhere I’ve been and label them myself after it finds out just about precisely where I am? Like a desolate camp site. Could you give me a range of quality products and stores that have these same devices?

Feb 05

Mother is 21years old then her baby.how old will baby be when her age is 1/4 that of her mother?


Feb 05

Will my puppy forget me?

I’m going away for 5 days have to leave my puppy we got her when she was 10 weeks and had her for about three months will she forget me or love the person watching her more then me???

Feb 05

Will I get Parkinson’s disease? What should I do?

I have been having most symptoms of Parkinson’s disease but im only 16 this year and its rare for people with young age to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. I want to get a test but if i get a referral from a polyclinic it will be relatively cheap but i’ll need to wait for months for my turn. If I don’t and go as a private patient, it’ll be quicker but its going to be expensive. Will i get Parkinson’s disease and should i go for referral or just go as a private.

Feb 03

If I miss more than 10 days of school with a doctors note will I have to go to court?


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