Jan 10

What are some issues that Russia is dealing with right now, and how can they be potentially solved?

… What are some good things that happened?

Jan 10

6 digit passcode?

Hi I’m trying to work out all the different colour code combinations of ‘f and 0 – zero’ with 6 digits. Can someone please tell me all of them? It would help greatly. How many combinations are there?
Eg. ff0000

Jan 09

How current are the Google maps and Google earth. Is the view I see real time or months old?

so this is it

Jan 09

I have death registration slip of my mom how to get death certificate Please tell me?

The registration slip i have is of my mom who died in a recent time. I want to know how to get death certificate. I am trying online but it’s not possible. Please tell and guide me what’s the procedure to get one?

Jan 09

I’m expecting my baby any day now. However, my parents don’t call me. Should I be calling them?

My in-laws call me on a daily basis. This is their fourth grandchild. This is my parents first grandchild. My mom has been talking non stop about wanting a grandchild for years! She’s even made quilts for non-existant grandchildren.

Jan 09

I have Lego Marvel superheroes but should I get Lego Marvel Avengers?

I’ve looked at a few videos on Lego Marvel Avengers and I don’t know if a should buy it or not. If you have this game please respond.

Jan 08

Will the Republicans get votes for cabinet nominations before the nominees are vetted by the Ethics Office?

The cabinet nominees are dragging their feet in providing the non-partisan Office of Government Ethics with the required paper work. Link Republicans have scheduled for this week votes for some of them. Are the Republicans going to be able to get away with it? It certainly seems as if they are trying to hide information. Remember that the Republicans previously tried to gut the power of the OGE.

Jan 08

What sort of room could keep an expert in qi energy flow from escaping?

Given: masters of energy flow can essentially overcome most any physical encumbrance. How then can one expect to detain them should they need to be imprisoned, or otherwise.

What steps would you take to contain a practitioner of this sort of energy channeling?

Jan 07

An as-detailed-as possible summary on the book “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights?”?

I need this for a school report, a as-detailed-as possible summary would be appreciated.


Jan 07

Do we need to restrict US military veterans from flying on passenger aircraft?

Yes, I am going to extremes here.

The guy who shot and killed those people in Florida yesterday is a US military veteran. He had packed his firearm, retrieved it from baggage claim, loaded it, and came out shooting.

Following Trump’s “ban all muslims because a few of them do bad things” philosophy, wouldn’t in also follow that Iraq war veterans should be banned from flying because one of them shot and killed people?

[No, don’t take this seriously. I’m trying to point out the ridiculousness of the anti-muslim hysteria.]

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