Nov 18

Please recommend for me a good diet,or any weight loss tips?

I tried a lots of diet but those have been useless,please somebody recommend for me a diet,i am 24 years old and 240lbs.I know is it not good weight,i wanna loss my weigth.

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  1. alextailor700

    Don’t eat any sugar foods. No bread tortillas chips potatoes
    No fry foods like bacon don’t fry chicken pork chops exc….
    Baking is good for you. Look on YouTube I find a lot on there.
    Make soup that has celery carrots cabbage chicken pepers. Try making your own chicken broth I heard that it’s good for you. Just boil the chicken. Drink lots of water. You can drink a gallon a day and Lose a few pounds or try drinking your weight on oz but you can’t drink anything but the water for that week and you want to do that every other week or so. Watch what time your eating. Don’t eat pass 7or8. Eat smaller meals and have a little snack in between meals don’t skip meals.



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