Dec 23

Sex questions, need both guys and girls to respond?

Ok, so here it is. I am a 26 year old female, I have had orgasms before during sex. I have heard of the g-spot orgasm, and how women can squirt by stimulating the gspot, which is located inside the vagina about two knuckles deep, and on the upside of it. I have tried this with my partner before. Everytime he does it the urinating feeling that comes with the gspot stimulation always makes me stop. I get frustrated and he does too. So my question is to the guys that have made their women squirt. Do you enjoy the fact that a girl can do this when the gspot is stimulated enough? And how do you make them feel at ease with the urinating sensation? And the next question is for the girls, how do you get over the urinating sensation when you feel it coming on? And how long does it take for you to finally orgasm? I think I have had a g-spot orgasm during oral sex, combined with his fingers inside me, it felt amazing and unlike anything I have felt. I just didn’t squirt liquid like they all say happens. Please respond with mature advice. Thanks


  1. bigtomesz

    Guy answer:

    For some women the g spot is an area that can bring deep and intense orgasms. For other women stimulating the area called the g spot just makes them feel like they have to pee. For some women stimulating the area does little or nothing. Maybe the most important thing about the g spot is just the idea of talking about your body, and exploring your own body and your own sexual response, inch by inch. It’s normal for you have a feeling like you’re going to pee. The fact that a girl can do this when the G-Spot is stimulated enough it’s a big turn on for men. Hope this help 🙂


  2. bigtomesz

    Ok 1• you need to relax and dont worry about getting the sheet wet atleast that’s what I say to my girlfriend, it feel like pee but is not pee that’s the orgasm 2• I’m pretty sure ur boyfriend will feel happy if u got him wet and so what if it was pee, he love u he should feel confortable. I don’t care if my gf sh*ts on my d*ck or pees on me or fart sorry I’m not being nasty sorry if I make u disgusted but I love her very much and accidents can happen. 3• when u feel the peeing sensation jus go ahead and relax an let it go it won’t last that much a couple of sec.
    Well hope it helps add me comment and u can ask me anything at any time



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