Nov 27

Should I drop out of high school?

I have really been thinking about dropping out lately. In my opinion,school is holding me back. Everything I have ever learned, I have learned in life, not school.Or i wanna learn high school diploma online ,is it possible? I hear that somewhere,but i don’t know how its work?

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  1. alextailor700

    As a first year nutrition student at Ryerson University , I’ve been thinking about that same question as well lately. May be university is not for me. But you know what, when you look for a job, you really do need that piece of paper to prove yourself that you have the skills and everything needed to take on that job. You need that high school diploma. Talk to your parents and teachers. May I ask, what are you planning to do after you’ve dropped out of school? Don’t tell me you’re just gonna sit in front of the telly with cans of beers and bags of chips.



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