Dec 17

Sports problem hockey?

I have a problem scoring goals, its the start of the season and i have scored once in 6 games :/ I was the top scorer of my old team and our league last season! But now i went to a better team and struggle to make points, can someone help me??

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  1. nikke0528

    PRACTICE! I had a similar problem when I used to play hockey. I went from being the captain of my team to being someone who rarely scored when I changed teams. The best way to conquer your problem is to “obsess” about getting better.

    -Get as much ice time as possible to improve your skating.

    -Incorporate plyometric jump training into your workouts. I did a lot of this when I played. It does wonders for a hockey player. Its very difficult, but it will make you faster than anyone else out there. My suggestion is the p90x plyometrics work out. (it reminds me the most of what i did in high school hockey)

    -Do target training. I used to put tape on my unfinished basement walls and take shots at what would be the 4 corners of the net. it did great to improve my accuracy. (Caution: it will mark up the walls pretty bad. This practice requires lenient parents lol)
    I did it in my unfinished basement so I could use a puck. If you cant do this, get yourself a hockey net from a sporting goods store. You can also buy targets for the net.

    -Possibly the most important thing… Keep up your self confidence. Just because you are not the top scorer anymore, does not mean you aren’t a good player. Your positive mentality can be the difference between being the MVP and the last pick.

    – Do all of the above with your teammates if you can. Developing a strong comradery with your team will improve everyone’s game. It will also keep you motivated during your workouts/practices. Maybe even study plays together and decide what you all need to improve on. Hockey requires immeasurable teamwork. without that, nobody scores.

    hope this helps a bit. if you have any questions about the specifics of any of these suggestions, let me know.



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