Dec 16

Starting a massage therapy business needs a company name?

I’m starting my own business in massage . My home is located by the ocean. I have two names picked out. 1 is Cassandra’s Oasis by the Sea or Cassandra’s Oasis on the Ocean. I would like feedback on which name to choose. Thanks


  1. nikke0528

    I love the first one dear! Oh boy! Speaking of massage, I needed one right now. Anyway, congratulations on your new business. I know someone who owns a massage therapy business too. At first, I wondered what made these people flock to her business. Then it was then I knew that her advertising strategy was giving away her business cards to everyone (yes, including strangers). I asked for one and found, it was indeed a great and unique card. I believe she had it done at businesscardking.net. There designs were wonderful. Not to mention, she says their service is also exceptional.


  2. bigtomesz

    Hello cassandra_sellars

    I think Cassandra’s Oasis on the Ocean is best



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