Nov 26

The changing face of Australia – increasing immigration ?

Is it just me, or is the face of australia changing? walking around various sydney suburbs, i often feel outnumbered, that white australians are a dying breed, taken over by an ever increasing influx of asians, indians and muslims.

Seriously, what does the year 2050 hold for australia? take a look around? With an increasing immigrant population, there will soon be more of them then us, & everything will change, politics, food,culture

religion – our very way of life that we are so proud of.

Yeah, its one thing to say that white australians are really immigrants themselves, and that the real owners are aborigines. fair enough, i agree with that, but, we cannot change the past, we can’t go back to where we are from. we’ve made this country

what it is today and now, the whole lot is at stake.

idk, do the politicians in canberra even care about what we think? or are they more concerned about making australias economy the biggest in the world… why do we need to grow so much?

does anybody else feel the same way?


  1. paszi2002

    Australia has always been a multicultural country. We have very little that is strictly our own, Vegemite is one of them. Pretty much; our politics, food, culture and religion were not created here, or by us, but came from other nations just as we did. To me the ‘face of Australia’ has always been multicultural (no strict ‘we be white’ crapping about) and our way of life has been to accept change and others.

    We are looking at the future and definite change. I for one don’t want to be left in the dust worrying about who immigrates to Australia (that fearing the ‘boat people’ stuff is bullshit) while the rest of the world sheds racism and prejudice, and grows to finally be unified as one people without the labels of the countries we hail from.

    Maybe it’ll take an alien invasion to finally unite us and stop our petty wars but heck I’d love that, aliens are awesome and hopefully wouldn’t be too disgusted by our barbaric ways. (lol)

    So in short I do not feel the same way.

    We are one, but we are many
    And from all the lands on earth we come
    We share a dream and sing with one voice:
    I am, you are, we are Australian.


  2. bigtomesz

    I love, too, that we are a multicultural country where everyone feels good. There are always exceptions with the odd case blown up by the media, but all in all, Australia is a very immigrant friendly country, not even to compare to Europe (where i lived).



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