Dec 18

What to do when you make a mistake on the road and you have an aggressive driving tailgating you?

Basically on way home from work and I was tired and impatient (no real excuse) and I didn’t give way at an miniroundabout (stupid of me I know).

Therefore the driver behind was furious beeping, then driving right behind me flashing his headlights constantly and then having full beam on for several minutes behind me in narrow winding country lanes.

Obviously I know what I did was dangerous and stupid, I followed a car turning left in front quickly instead of looking to give way.

However this guy followed me and was really aggressive. I was scared on what to do as I’ve never been in that situation before and was heading home after a long hard day! All I did was ignore it and focused on driving safely and concentrating on the cars in front of me.

Luckily, I was able to finally turn left (I even signalled late since I didn’t want him to follow me home and know where I live) and escape as didn’t want a confrontation as I’m a young girl. I got home and was shaking at what happened!

PLEASE NOTE: I’m a new driver (passed 5 months ago) and this is the first incident of this kind! I am recovering from bad mental health so this has shaken me!

However I have learnt from this experience. Don’t be lazy and impatient.

I am worried about if the driver will report me though, it was a case of inexperience more than anything. Do you think they will of reported me? Although despite my poor judgement their tailgating was NOT okay, if drivers had stopped unexpectedly in front of me, he would of back ended me being so close, he was practically on my bumper.

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  1. robwin79

    I think he just go angry was all he was returning the favor and he did what he set out to do that was scare you so you would not do it again he probably did get your attention.



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