Jan 05

Which journal is the best for publishing a general aesthetics essay?

I know many philosophy or aesthetics journals; however my paper is rather out of the academic conventional form. It does not have abstract, introduction and conclusion parts; and I don’t like to make it in the academic shape. Is there any well-known journal to publish such papers?

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  1. bigtomesz

    Here is a list of journals from the American Society for Aesthetics
    Here’s a list from Web of Science
    Arts and humanities writing does not have to fit in with the conventional form but it does have to be top class to get published in a highbrow publication.
    Can you try looking for similar types of articles on humanities databases (try JSTOR)? Look at the journals which publish these types of essays and you might find one that will publish yours.
    Or how about asking an academic at your local university to help. Perhaps to read it over first of all?



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